The Sandpiper

Across the lonely beach we flit,
One little sandpiper and I,
And fast I gather, but by bit,
The scattered drift-wood, bleached and dry.

by Celia Thaxter Click to read full poem

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An insightful rendition nicely embellished with poetic rhyme and rhythm. A beautiful creation..
I just discovered a handwritten copy of this poem by my Great Aunt Bertha, who would be 150- something years old. It has great meaning to me, as Sandpipers have always been my favorite part of the beach. They seem to come from nowhere, and skitter across the sand, then they are gone!
what was the poems main idea i mean what was the poem is all about
I'm learning this for speech meet! it's so sweet
I learned it in fourth grade
Poem in my school it was way shorter but anyway good job
I learned this in the third grade.............1945