The Sands Of Time

We currently tread on the Sands of Time
Living our one and only, very own lives.

Some place one foot at a time,
As if the Sands is full of slime.
They, the Dreary and the Dreamy
Are those that are left behind.

Some run fleet,
Like the wind.
Going through all of their own life’s scenes.
Hiding, hiding from the sun,
They wouldn’t even have a sense of fun.

Others jog on the lovely Sands,
Along with a great big summery friend
Resting amongst the cotton clouds,
Shining extremely bright and proud.

These are the ones with wise, wise brains
And their efforts will never be in vain.
They bend like rubber to suit their needs,
Flexible as ever and full of grit.

To get the most out of the Sands of Time,
You needn’t spend a single dime.
Just learn from the Joggers
Be an alongside rhyme,
Of Nature’s ever-fleeting time.

by Gabrielle Cheryl Ng Xin Han

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