The Sands Of Time

A blossoming rainbow of melted dreams
Showering down in contented streams
Onto clouds set adrift by the winds of chance
Carrying my memories through a brilliant expanse
But below these towering skies my mind seeps
Tumbling through uncharted oceans of sleep
Only to wish for the trance to unfold
And wash me away to a fountain of gold
I long fo what splendor may await me tomorrow
While slipping away beyond yesterday's sorrow
If you uncover my trove of secrets, please tell
Which riddle will reverse this haunting spell
It encircles my heart in transparent wreaths
Drowing the sweet sparkles that lie just beneath
Yet in serene silence I can hear a whispering
As the wavering sands of time and shifting

by Crista Acker

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Acker, if you hear us, please keep writing more. Its your vision and imagery which is captivating. Line 10 has a typographical error, which of course is not to be considered as something lacking in poetry. It should read 'I long of...'. The expression of vastness of towering skies, oceans and dreams residing deep within paint a truly artistic image for the readers of Acker. I commend it and include it in must read poetry.