The Sane And Insane Man

Poem By Rajaram Ramachandran

A thin edge there’s one,
Every moment, in between
A sane and insane man,
Break, any time, which can.

Once he goes perverse,
It’s difficult to reverse.
He’ll find everlasting peace,
If his mind remains at ease.

Allow it not to sway
Towards the insane way;
It’s only in the mind sound,
Sanity is always found.

Why keep it in tension?
Given the best attention,
Carefree it’ll function.
Yes, let me here mention.

Comments about The Sane And Insane Man

A sane and insane man breaks the time into moments and feels the wonder of time between two moments. There is no need to take tension. Sanity is always found in life. This poem is very beautifully penned...5 stars!

2,8 out of 5
2 total ratings

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