RW (November 5,1968 / Opp, Alabama)

The Sarah

Out of the mist in the deep of the sea,
A ship appears mysteriously.
Could this be The Sarah of old?
Who sailed into Portland in November's cold?

The story begins,
with the tale of two friends,
who went into the shipping trade,
but over a woman, let their friendship fade.

George Leverett and Charles Jose,
set out to build a ship to sail far away.
In South Freeport, they met the lovely Sarah Soule,
and a friendship gone as they lost control.

A bitter fight had ensued,
pouring oil into the feud.
Charles tried to toss George into the sea,
their friendship ended; Charles walked away mysteriously.

George built the ship and married his bride,
The Sarah would now sail in pride.
Finally a good crew he found,
and then to Portland, Maine was bound.

bound for the West Indies with lumber and cod,
as a black ship followed them, like a wandering god.
The ship appeared as if from afar,
named The Don Pedro Salazar!

And at her helm was Captain Charles Jose,
fully loaded with cannon but no flag array.
The Sarah's crew; uneasy as the ship followed coarse,
The Don Pedro's crew was a menacing force.

Unarmed, The Sarah set sail for Nassau's shore,
The Don Pedro fired it's cannons and there was no more.
The Sarah damaged but still afloat,
George was alive but his crew was smote.

Charles tied him to the main mast,
and to the sea the ship was cast.
But oddly weak he did see,
appearing one by one, magically,

His crew did appear to sail away,
into Portland harbor on a November's day.
The pale and silent crew rowed ashore,
laid George upon a rock so goes the lore.

They climbed aboared the ghostly craft,
and in a misty fog they left.
And still if you look upon a restless sea,
The Sarah may appear mysteriously!

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Mary Elizabeth Frye

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

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