ST (Aug.11,1973 / Manitoulin Island, Ontario)

The Satyr Muse

At Mount Ida, lyre song and meter resound
Marsyas doth requite Her with these gifts
Uxorious he is, in his valley rift
For his Goddess Cybele`s love abounds

O`er the dells of Phrygian groves
Her fingers sow breath into fecundate soils
Her children ne`er bedim by toil
Or bedraggled by feudal overlords

Priestess of Cybele, Nymph of Ida
So chews bay leaves of The Laurel Tree
From arboreal visions, The Oracles see
The Ladies Dance bemuse Dardania

Staid minds belong naught in copse of thee
They, devoid of faith within
Their glib georgics bespoke by din
Her fourscores of wisdom they can not see

Oh! Phrygian Goddess of lucustrine shrine
Thy temple fulgent, bedewed in love
Dance of tussocks, The Augury Dove
The Satyr Muse, Cybele divine

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