(17 February 1864 – 5 February 1941 / New South Wales)

Dark Love

I know this must sound so cliqshea
but everytime I think of you, I think of the day
when our eyes first met in that loving way
when I had no idea what I should say
You are my nightmares to the night, when all I pray for is light
You are the love songs that I sing
You are forever my everything
I want to be your hero, anytime, anyplace
I pray to God that you'll never, let me fall from grace
Your presumptions of my soul, I'm sure were shallow and thin
I'm sure your only thought was, that I was made of sin
this ripping of my soul is becoming so mundane
it drives freaking crazy, it's driving me insane
and when i feel i'm choking, my air cut off completly
you give me breath, you give me life, you reach inside so deeply
you reach inside so deeply, for what you know I am
my emotions flow like a river, a river in which you've swam
you are my ghost to the darkness, my darkness to the comfort,
my comfort to the underground, to where I hear the sound..
of my name being called, called so freaking loud
I want to be back on top, where I could see the clouds
if your heart was a song, there would be no instuments to play along
the music would be to beautiful, it would just sound so wrong
so what I'm trying to say is, you make me feel so right
every night that I write to you, I write with such delight! ! ! ! !

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