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'The Savage Nurse'

She is hospitable
She is joyous
She is caring
Above all, she is generous to all
She welcomes the elite, intelligence
In her land, racial segregation gain no ground
Spiritualist, sadist, ignorance, terrorist
All finds home in reside in her home
They called her pearl of Africa,

For her generosity has fed and kept billion of people with what they need
All she gets from the people she host is nothing
Apart from jealousy and insult,
Negative remark on remortness, savagery, primitivism.
Destruction of the beauty and her worthiness.
Exploitation of her minerals and wealth

Threat for booming her territory
The worst what tomorrow might bring
All the minerals and wealth are exploited,
The beauty are destroyed to no used again,
The beautiful culture and tradition are corrupted and eroded,
The morals, trust, and respect are infected with corruption, political,
Greed for power and untamed civilization and foreign tradition.

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