RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

The Scar Of My Heart

My words may never reach you.
You may never see the pain, that your leaving has left behind when you walked away without a trace.
I've just come to realize what feeling's I have for you,
But are they love or are they lust?
Maybe both how about you.
Did you love me for six years or just lust for a few?
Were your words of love just for the moment, and then fading when the moment was through.
I think you along with most men think that when love goes wrong, it should be forgotten.
It's eaiser to erase it then make the effort to try and fix it.
You don't seem to see that one cannot erase the touch of someone they love.
Or even look at another without seeing another.
I know I loved you in my way, and to give you credit you did the same.
The difference between the two however is I lost while you gained.
My life will never be the same since you've been in it,
I don't know that I would have it any other way.
Because knowing that I can love this much is something special and I thank you.
So, with gentle care and a kind hand I'll heal my heart from you,
And always wish you the best knowing one day love with find you.

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