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The Scarlet Letter
ND (19, April,1951 / kalubovila East, Sri Lanka)

The Scarlet Letter

Poem By nimal dunuhinga

My dear Earth,
please do not get surprised after you receiving this letter,
and do not chew or swallow it as you do to the human beings.
please do not get angry with me.
May I ask some questions?
Why you grant premises to the culprits, murderers and liars
to sleep with innocents, saints and gods together.
You give enough space to the rich to build their skyscrapers;
but not an inch to poor who wander around the world.
You never give them to build a hut even.
You are proud of your soil hiding precious stones, gold, diamond
and silver et cetera.,
You allow poor people to dig them and worship the lords and knights
to wear them on their heads and backs.
I am waiting for a reply soon.
Sincerely yours, I remain Madam, a Man.
A white crow brought the letter wrapped in a snake skin.
I opened it and a single line appeared
written in blood.
is poverty God's will?

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wow, an amazing poem! the ending is really good, perfect in all aspects! love always, starr