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The Scars Of His Words
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The Scars Of His Words

Poem By Tholang Khunyeli

You say he never hits you
you say things will get better soon
you say he is capable of change and
he is not like those men who beat up their women

You don't see it don't you
you and those women are one of the same
you stay and live in misery because you
think he loves you somehow

How many times has he said he is sorry
With how many dozen of flowers has he bought your
Don't you think If he really wanted to change
and really meant his apologies
that number of his sorries would have been
less than two?

You say he never hits you
yet your eyes are always swollen with never
ending tears.
You say atleast he doesn't hit you
but the scars of his words are visible as daylight

He has turned you against yourself
the happy and strong woman you used to be
Now you are only filled with self-doubt
I never see that real beautiful smile your
face once possessed anymore
yes i know your real smile, I am your sister

You say he never hits you
a year has gone by, nothing has changed
you are losing yourself everyday and
the scars of his words are only getting deeper

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Comments (2)

Kefentse's right. You have such simple ways of putting things which turn out to be immeasurably beautiful (yes, pain can be beautiful too) Keep on writing.
o na le talente mosadi. you never cease to surprise me. your words are deep, yet so simple. your poems are one of a kind.