The Scars Of Yesterday

Out of the blue, this mind is for you
Over the edge of dew, it fell through
Feelings in vain and out of the rain
Heart in pain that's so hard to explain
Out of nowhere simple thoughts passed by
No time to turn back just to say hi
Under the night sky, tears had fallen
Clear like crystal, pure as it's showin'
I whispered your name when the cold wind blew
But it fades away like a green leaf flew
Wishing upon the stars to make things hum
Over the dark sky but no one can
Lying beneath the shadows of lies
Looking for you that's full of surprise
Grant those deep and heart spoken wishes
For 'twas time to have some happiness
Loneliness lived for a long time with sorrow
And now's the right time to erase those and grow

by Myla Rose Gigante

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Loneliness lived for a long time. Wonderful poem shared really.