The Scent Of A Poet

In a Paris cafe
on Rue De Barrie,
I watch a solitary man

by Norah Tunney Click to read full poem

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in a Paris cafe on Rue De Barrie an overture from Schubert, and sitting on a table as eye meets eye the collected works of Prevért. a very beautiful poem indeed dear poetess Norah. tony
I've been reading some of Prevert's poems and exploring a video entitle Prevert, piano, and poetry. I've always been fascinated about the intermingling of the arts, have tried my own hand at writing while listening to music, writing about a piece of music, writing about the process of performing, etc. Anyways, I really enjoy this poem. It has a nice simple flow (a little like Prevert) , and the image of the poet in the French cafe brings him to life.
Now I want to go to Paris. nicey done ma'am!
Fascinating write that tangles with the senses. This is why I love poetry. Thank you Norah I am enjoying your pen.
AS EYE MEETS EYE is a profound moment: it's not just a physical connection with this poet but a spiritual one and I felt affirmed as a poet by this understated encounter.The man is a Poet whether he writes good poems or not. In a sense, you show a man who has by living deeply and imaginatively has become a living poem. I'm assuming the title word SCENT refers to the pervasiveness of the sense of smell: it is basically unconscious and all the more powerful for that reason. The poet leaves traces of his being a poet everywhere, especiall rerceptive is a fellow poet in the serendipity of crossing paths.
sitting on a table as eye meets eye romance, love, desire, mystery, romance and passion, cafes in Paris, the romantic city. the flair...... sensing the feelings........thankyou very much dear poetess. it is always mystery and mystical thoughts around you and your poems. thank you. tony
Norah, the imagery in your poetry was so vivid that it readily transported me to that café. And one day, I shall visit it. And when I do, I shall reflect on this poem. And it will inspire me to write one for you. And so many others for a book or two. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift. And for reading and commenting on my poetry. Greatly appreciated!
Wonderful poem Norah. it captured my senses......the smoke, the tea, Paris.....good job.
Dear poet, I believe this is the first of your works that I have had the privilege to read. I was drawn to the title, for Paris is to poets what the sea is to her creatures. Your economy of phrase provides so much space for the atmosphere of the context to permeate the reader's vision and thoughts, and Paris─like so few contexts─is so steeped in the ethers of mystery and romance and passion that your gentle guidance carries us along with you until the final sip of tea is savored, the last ash of the cigarette is extinguished, and two forms fade together into the shadows of Rue de Barrie, fingers finding intertwined fingers.... Delightfully imagined and beautifully rendered, my dear poet.
Very well portrayed. Good economy of words. Enjoyed. I thought the man was Sartre. I haven't visited Paris. But, have read Sartre used to frequent a certain cafe there. Or, perhaps, cafes in Paris are places where thinkers and writers congregate and fall in love too, as your note suggests.
Beautiful poem, indeed.
Love this poem...excellent writing.
Elegant piece of poetry, well articulated and subtly penned in beautiful diction with conviction. Lovely romantic poem that portrays the poet's bliss of solitude written with insight. Thanks for sharing Norah. Please read my poem POETIC MASTERPIECE.
Loved this one... so well crafted. Indeed beautiful, Norah.
Norah, s5 middle line. Does the it refer to the beret?
Drinking tea from a china cup. Thanks for sharing.
in a Paris cafe on Rue De Barrie an overture from Schubert, very nice romantic poem. in the city of love.... in two weeks i will be in paris........ ishall try to go to Rue De Barrie and think of you dear poetess and your poem.... thank you. dev
One cannot help but love a poet whose poetry one loves.
i don't know if I can send an additional message like this but here goes. I have found a poem Barbara by Jacques Prevert and I'm having a go at Translating it. It's quite a long poem about three pages. I may have some elsewhere. I get your new poems alert by nominating you as a Favourite poet. I think that's all you do. Can't say I'm much of a techno wizard either. Many regards Tom, Billsborough
Love the imagery, especially the man's gaze leaning toward the speaker. This is a very good poem. The irregular and internal rhyme (cream / dreaming) really add to the lyrical feel. Sad to say, I am not familiar with Prevért.