The Scent Of Lilac

The simple scent of lilac
sends my mind to a far off land.
A place where you and I can go
just walking hand in hand.

Each spring I see the buds peek out
and I know it's coming soon.
This is the time of year we love
just staring at the moon.

I love to sit out on the porch
and listen to you sigh.
This is where I yearn to be...
that ol' lilac bush nearby.

That scent just sends a shiver
right up my whole spine.
It's this that makes me realize....
I can't believe you're mine.

by Mary Nagy

Comments (5)

The poem's whole point is in the last line - brilliant
mary we are endated with lilac bushes I have two next door has four, the smell is beautiful when there all in bloom, you got the poem right, perfection again10 cheers sylvia
Mary, this is a beautiful poem. I love how certain things can trigger memories.
old love is so wonderfull, you old people are so cute, the old values are best neil
It rhymes and is cute. You could sell this to Hallmark. ;) -chuck