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The School Of Life
KK Kavitha Krishnamurthy (09 Jan / Chennai)

The School Of Life

God is the mentor, we the protégé
In this school of life
Most valuable of all degrees
Most toughest of all exams
Knowledge grows through self experience
Failure makes us strong
God conducts innumerous tests
To test our tolerance and make us better
The course duration varies
But time is trifling
The achievements are vital
When you complete your course
And depart from this school
The number of hearts you touched
Is your real degree
The number of people you enthused
Is your real marks
The number of souls remembering you
Is your true success in this exam

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it requires both brain and brown To reach the crown. - Pradeep In life devote yourself to love and joy Be like an innocent boy, Those who live, in the end must all die Live as if you are above the sky. I watched the birds on nature’s altar, Playful, in flight, and merrily flutter. Thus opened the doors of my eyes and ear, Learnt each moment to remain in cheer. I’d never be born, If my coming were up to me, I’d go with scorn, If my going were on my wish Isn’t it better that in this world, so old and mulish Never to be born. Neither stay, nor torn away be? Same hands that formed this earth, And caused for us to take birth. Same hands that led us hence, and when done, Will take us away, as if we are none.
Yep, this poem is true. Life itself is a classroom. Our Mother Earth is a Library! Get out their and make mistakes., face your fears, experience life. Just don't let your curiosity get the best of you. Love and Peace Christina