The Science And The Religion

The Science and the Religion,
Are they not two sides of a coin?
One side sees not the other one,
Yet, do they not exist as one union?

'That the Earth was flat
And other Planets circled around it, '
Once the Religion believed it,
And the Science belied it.

'That the Soul, ' what the Religion found,
'With the Body, it wasn't bound.'
Upto the body level, the Science remained,
As it couldn't discover more beyond.

From the bullock cart age
The Science moved up to the jet age.
Has the Religion not taken advantage
Of the Science's progress and patronage?

Both have plus and minus points,
And one fooling the other, there's no use,
As both exist complimentary to each other,
When they serve and go well together.

While the Religion fine tunes the mind,
The science, in turn, trims the mankind
And both should go hand in hand,
To benefit God's creations of every kind.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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