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The Scorpion And The Cockroach

It was in a cleanly washed jam jar that Frank put them in,
he wanted to know which would survive, which one would win.
The scorpion wasted no time as it arched its back and struck,
but the cockroach quite unaffected, for a way out it did look.

The roach disliked being attacked and tried to climb up the jar,
but the glass was too steep so it didn't get very far.
Repeatedly it tried to climb up the jar, but it fell upon its back,
and so the scorpion launched an under stomach attack.

The cockroach tried desperately to get back onto its feet,
but the scorpion continued to strike underneath.
With a flick of its sturdy wings the roach became upright,
but still it didn't resist the attack or put up a fight.

The battle weary scorpion grew tired of attacking its foe,
and ceased hostilities at least for a moment or so.
But then the cockroach became hungry and had a desire to eat,
so approached the scorpion and nibbled at its feet.

This act of war enraged the scorpion and so it attacked again,
but the roach never flinched and gave no sign of pain.
The scorpion was exhausted and couldn't attack any more,
it collapsed breathing deeply on the glass jar's floor.

The roach attacked the tail the part with the deadly sting,
and severed off a large piece to show who was king.
As the ravenous roach gorged itself on the fresh food supply,
the scorpion panicked and gave escaping a try.

Frantically running around the jar at an unbelievable speed it went,
until it suddenly stopped. All its energy was spent.
Meanwhile the busily eating cockroach paid it no mind,
this scorpion was going nowhere until mealtime.

by Orlando Belo

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