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The Scout Law
KS (Child of Eisenhower / The City of Brotherly Love)

The Scout Law

Poem By Kenneth Snow

Dearest Donnie Trump
Be like a boy scout, Two Scoops
And follow the Law

Be Trustworthy Trump
Always honor your accords
Your word is your bond

Be Loyal—bar none
America is fluid
All deserve the dream

Be Helpful Donnie
A helping hand gets more praise
Then a sharp backhand

Be Friendly DT
One's charm can be spirited
And superlative

Be Courteous D
Honor Melania Trump
Mothers deserve awe

Be Kind Mister Trump
Children will mimic your style
Refinement lingers

Be Obedient
You are the people's servant
Hear their plaintive wail

Be Cheerful Donald
Your days are growing fewer
Let all see your smile

Be Thrifty Two Scoops
A penny saved wins the day
In hearts of children

Be Brave—President
Rebuke all who promote hate
Challenge the bully

Be Clean Donald John
Folks prefer boys of virtue
Serenity sells

Be Reverent T
And honor the sacrifice
Of dead patriots

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Write comment. Such a nice poem, Kenneth. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks