(1958 - / From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By)

The Screaming Bitch

The screaming bitch,
Is not bi-polar.
I suck and kiss her toes
One army of tounges,
A million bird's.
Like none have come before.
I wash her,
panties in the sink.
Her panty hose.
I daily shave her legs.
And wash the window's,
That I see.
The leafless bush,
Another man.
Not I,
Gave cause to grow.
He gives each rise,
When called.
By her a different name.
And the chair,
In which she sits.
Lines up,
And hides the shadow
On the wall.
Oysters, tuna fish,
By the sea, I eat each
The music's loud,
This mindless zombie,
Screaming bitch.
In my last life,
Was once my wife.

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for some reason i like especially these lines: And the chair, In which she sits. Lines up, And hides the shadow On the wall. ok, i THINK another man is/was involved with the screaming bitch. maybe he planted a bush in the yard? maybe he impregnated her? in any case she once was your wife. the key word there is was. she is in the past. best to keep it that way! bri :) we had tuna fish just last night! yum, yum. no oysters in a loonnngg time; suits me fine. they look too much like what i picture to be inside my scrotum! ! ok, i'm done with the screaming bitch.
ok, i'm (sort of) proud to say........i'm back! BUT this is a tough one to comment on because there is more than English usage to complain..........i MEAN comment on. i just read it again, and i must say there are several places in the poem where the meaning would vary depending on the punctuation AND i think the punctuation is not the way i would arrange it in some places. for example: I wash her, panties in the sink...............this way i interpret the sentence to mean i wash her, and the panties are in the sink (her panties?) but if i move the comma: I wash her panties in the sink....it would mean to me that the speaker is washing her panties and doing it in the sink. i have a time limit for using my mate's computer, more so these days than some times in the past, so i'll come back to this again.........later. bri :)
green is a perfect topic for this one. don't we all agree? again, i'll get back to this one, i think, SOME day. ........................... ;) bri
Nicely and very poetically said