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The Sea

I stood before the sea
Many times in awe of its
Mystery and Majesty
Sometimes I wish I could visit the deep
And keep the secrets they keep

To understand what it's like to be
So firm and yet so full of liberty
To find a body where all share
Yet all know there's an enemy everywhere
To be innocent in the gaze
Yet swift and suave in a craze

I've seen it blue and seen it green
Then wonder again what it is I've seen
I've known beauty turns beast
And big ones on small ones feast
Yet the kindest is the giant of them all
Who swallowed one and never let him fall

Can human be like this? A kindness that's key.
When upon a calm day one sees all one needs to see
Or do they always harbour the rough ocean
Because for them force is motion
Yet when hearts move in the ocean
They move together, no one has dominion on caution

From ocean to ocean, blue sea to blue sea
The ocean and the sea become me
I revere that I will always remember them at they are meant to be
The guide of peace that we all seek in liberty
The furthest one below, to all underneath
To the birds in the sky that feed off its prosperity
And humans farm its infinity
Sirens of serenity
Blue and green
The day to be
Human like the sea.

by Ragy Sandid

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