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The Sea
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The Sea

The moon lays a path, which I follow,
The music is alien, and the
Swim pleasant with intoxication.

The soft casual images are fading,
The limbs are sad, and growing weary,
Hyperborean is the deep watery darkness.

The sleepless stars are watching,
The muscles are exhausted, I swallow,
And taste the realization.

The search was begun, and now, it's frantic.
The mind seeks a key to the paradox.
See how it stumbles through the past,

The visions one by one, feverishly examined.
The unearthly void must be a terrible place.
Systems are being shut down, it won't give up!

The sea knows there is no answer,
The forlorn hunt is over, it's trapped,
And now the sweet taste of blood.

The sea nymphs are gathering,
The scene is confused, unconscious,
I'm at the gates of time.

The final links are uncoupled,
The passage is complete,
Sea - I love you - forever.

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