The Sea

I look at you, beautiful, shining with the glaze the sun gave to you
It's as though you are greeting me, so loving, so welcoming
The way you flow, your current, fast as if you're running from something
But yet no one can save you, for they understand not your actions
You look so trapped just laying there, no where to run, hide, until Mother Nature and her storms arrive, then you come alive!

How can you be so angry at one time?
Angry with me, angry with your friends- the birds, the fishes, angry with yourself
Then when I see you again, you are so peaceful and clam at rest
Do not be upset for soon you will be free, I will find a way for you to come alive on your own
Rest assure that you will be heard!

*July 2006*

by Chantal Gumbs

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Comments (2)

You have brought the sea to life here Chantal by giving it magnificent moods and movement. Well done my friend.
Really beautiful, am so glad I read this poem!