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The Sea And I
( / Hull, East Yorkshire, England)

The Sea And I

As far as I can see, the surface of the sea
Is all a-glitter where
Bright sunlight sparkles on each ripple
Making stars enough to fill
A universe at least. Today
She is as calm and gentle
As a pussycat asleep, and I
Can scarcely hear her sighs that
Softly rise and break
Upon the beach. On other days
I’ve known her be a raging tiger,
Or a wolf whose gleaming teeth
Rip, slash and tear
Like a Viking gone beserk.
One thing I like about her is
Her honesty, she’ll always say
Just what she thinks and what
You see is what you get. I’ve made a date
To join her when I’m dead. My ashes
First will float then sink into her waters
Sweetly so that we become as one.
We’ll have our gentle moods,
Just like today
But I am looking forward to the time
When we go wild and run amok,
Make those ashore hoist warning cones
Along the coast. The sea and I
Will call up gales and thunderstorms
To join the fun. We’ll have a ball,
We’ll rage and roar, and laugh out loud to feel
The salty sting of driven spray
Upon our lips, upon our skin.

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Comments (7)

Sea speaks in sincere tone. I agree with you Peter, she is damn honest but when you join her please dun call for gales and thunderstorm :)) . This is good.
I have written a poem called 'Oh Sea', stating similar things. It's the power of the sea that fascinates me, so uncontrollable. Perhaps you'd read mine sometime if you have the time. I liked this one. Sincerely Ernestine Northover.
A wonderful poem. I can taste the salt water...maybe I love it so much because I, too, feel a special kinship with the sea. Thank you for sharing it.
I am absolutely terrified of the sea but your poem makes it sound so inviting and exciting. Gyp's
Your destined bride!
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