(1958 - / From Tampa Florida And Still Living Near By)

The Sea Is Full Of Nuts

People come to see the tree,
I look down, inside each nut,
I am, outside, looking in within.
The sea of people, are all
legends of the nuts they eat, more
as this, I, see, my, mind drip off this
one tree, it is, to dropp them on,
they different to all, that eat of it.
So many, by the hand-fulls, chest,
is held, by the trust full one, it is
to the shell of softness, some do
question? why eat them at all?
why eat them all? ..
If you can't pull it out, break it's back,
to see it, inside you at all? ..watching
on a tree top..dropping nuts, on them all.

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Great imagery Friend!
Another very interesting one iip....like the imagery...Fi 10+++