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The Sea Of Grey

I saw them there, a sea of grey, a sullen group of people gathered at the bay.
Nothing to say, as their mood reflected off the deep grey sea.
Their faces sad-stricken with grief, looking glum, standing on the reef.
A silence surronding the air, with just the rustle of the leaves. No more
laughter and playing could be heard around the corner, just one dove swooping up ahead.
Long live that sailor who was always jolly and merry, with love and compassion.

Yes, I saw them there, at the bay, on that sorrowful day, looming in the shadows of the dark,
as the flame went up into the dark, lighting the sky with a spark.
They all stood there, as sinister as a raven, for them, there was no longer a safe Haven.

I remember that dark, somber night, as the mist gathered over the ship and all of us waiting with a trembling lip,
waiting, just, waiting there. We heard a call, gruff and rough, sounding from the haul.
' Step forward, ' they screeched at the top of their lungs, 'and we will spare you yar lives! '
Poor Billy, foolish and brave, now I have the burden of carrying his remains.
Stepping forward, with no fear in his tone, he shouted ' I will come, you menacing dogs.'
Before we could stop him, he had gone like the wind, disappering into the fog.
We heard three shots, echo in the dark and then a hoarse bark, thud, thud, then silence followed shortly after, with a smell of dry blood.

We heard the ship sail as swifltly as it had come, we rushed to the deck and there he was, just lying there,
Motionless and still, with shock on his face but with an air of grace. His tattered, blood stained clothes glistening in the dark.
Yes I remember him well, never afraid, a true honest sailor, always, spoke his mind.
But now I can only hear his voice in my head, there's nothing more we can do for him now, he's gone, he's dead.

I saw them there, a sea of gray, standing sober at the bay, solemn, stiff and sad.
As I watch the plank of flowers sailing away and his ashes emptied, i will always remember that jolly man, who gave me hope,
when I couldn't see sense, he alone, got me through the worst of times, now I have no shoulder to rest my head on.

But not a fear in the world I have, that he is in the kingdom of heaven, where our lord Jesus, will look after him there.

by Ronan Gough

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a lovely story...looked long but read very well indeed...sad but these things do happen...could you just shorten it a bit...or rather compact it...you could maybe divide it into two parts...love...nalini