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The Sea Of Pain
NR (11/10/1989 / Dhaka, Bangladesh)

The Sea Of Pain

When life becomes a sea of pain
And every moment agony
I must endure again and agin
It is a curse to have to be
Every moment of grief
And every longing fixed on death
Seemed like a life long curse to me
As I could do nothing
But see you suffer
Battling between life and death
Like a parasite
Though I went on
Fight by instinct for your each breath,
Sailing thus, though loved alone
I keep deep down
That you'll never go beyond my reach,
Even though,
I watched you helpless from the shore
Sailing thus, though loved alone
I need you with me all the more
Since life without you
Seems impossible to me
As I promised you
That I will and always be there for you
Like a shdow
To accompany you
During your good and bad times
Give you moral support and strength
To let you know
How special you are to me.
The fear of losing you
Haunts me in my nightmare
I am ready to bear your pain
Feel your misery
And die for you
Since i cannot see you in this state
Burning in the flames of your self-inficted hell
I want to give away my life to you
By embracing an early death
To free you from the pointless pain

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