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The Sea Of Sorrow

Tears of sorrow flows
Into the sea of sadness,
All the memories and dreams
Clouded with pain and agony.
The endless shadow of darkness,
Devours the land,
In the overwhelming vision,
Of lost hope and regrets,
Mirroring the shameful truth
Of grief in our hearts.
Why must we give in
To the senseless meaning of sorrow
O the irony
When It dominates our souls
Revealing its true face
Showing the weakness
Of our heart
Where minds are broken and lost
Where feelings are scrambled and
Confusion forms and frustration come to be,
No matter what happens,
This endless suffering will stay
Till bones are faded,
Along the sands of time.

“ People cry, and people try
not to cry, but only lies can they try…”

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That is a sad one...Reality to some...