AA (26th March,1992 / Rairangpur)

The Sea Voyage

Drops of water make sea,
From my home once I flee
Along with my luggage,
To enjoy the sea voyage.

My ship boarded from my Port,
I knew there were dangers lot,
But I ventured for my adventure
To make a history for people to remember.

Over my head, was an ever-ending sky,
Down my foot, was an unmeasurable tears of God's cry,
On my back, was my home,
But towards me, was horizon.

Then, came the stormy night,
In which the giant sea waves rose to great height.
There took place many sparks of light,
Which enabled me to keep the way out of my sight.

Methought, the chapter of my life was about to end,
And someone to pick me up has been sent.
But I knew that I have to go a long way in my life,
And so, to stop my breathe there was no such knife.

I fought against the storm all night,
Because there was no such fear to frighten my frieght.
The first light of dawn gave me tumultous welcome for the new day
With more courage, spirit and gay.

On my way, I saw many acquatic animals,
Which were on the verge of extinction due to nature's criminal.
I felt pity for them,
And I vowed to never commit such crime ever again.

At last but not the least, i reached back to Sea Port,
After moving around the world making world record.
I recieved a tumultous welcome from my natives,
And was awarded with medals by Indian Chiefs.

Then I found someone waking me up,
And she was no one but my mummy with a cup,
Rebuking 'Don't you want to go school, today? '
And so, I spent my boring life everyday.

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another gd one i luv everything about it keep writing and keep up gd work 10++