The Search

Poem By Vee Bee

How many layers are there,
To this life
You peel and you open
You peel and you open
Like an onion
Like a matryoshka doll
And you still can’t reach the center,
The core, the kernel
The heart, the meaning.
Does every life have a heart,
to look for
Or do some manage
without one?
Is the purpose of all lives
to reach the core, to find the meaning?
Or are we all here
For no reason,
To just subsist
Spend the days just waiting
Waiting until its time
Time to be quiet
Quiet forever.

Comments about The Search

the existance of each has its own reason, we don't have to find it, we must make ourselves useful in this world...then you'll know your reason. Trivia: even a mold was useful to discover antibiotics. What more of us human beings given with a freewill and intellect. great piece...Thanks.

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