JB (Aug.04,1988 / Nassau Bay, TX)

The Search

My face reflects off the window;
my breath, illuminated by Winter's frigid hands, leaves its mark.
Peering inward under a blanket of stars,
under the umbrella of frozen clouds,
I search for my reason:
the reason as to why I'm here,
now, at this place.
Do I even know what I'm searching for?
Does anyone ever truly know, when it is them who searches?
Within the mind,
deep down, easily taking eons of travel to reach,
surely there resides an answer.
No action is without a flame to ignite it:
I search for my desire,
a love of unspoken lore.
There are cries that go unanswered,
wishes that are, everyday, shunned more and more;
lost are the loves for which those souls yearn.
One without a love,
without a heart,
is one that is forever beyond this realm...
I close my eyes and slink unto the shrubbery;
my heart is not here.
The Search continues,
an endless cycle, soon to be amended.
Just give it time... time...

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