The Search

Poem By Samudeen M.A. Ilimu

Running around the mountain top
Searching high and low nonstop
Where lays the truth?
I need a clear proof

In the fieriest evil forest
Deep down the ocean where light is bereft
Looking for signs
Metaphysical, that transcends science

Where can He be?
I still yearn for the Supernatural being
It seemed like a fruitless adventure
I still await an unambiguous closure

Then it dawned on me
The answers were right within me
I needn’t search that far
He’s always closest to me not afar

He created me from nothing
Here I am today a human, something
With eyes divinely designed to see
The beauty in the world of the blue skies and sea

With a promise of heavenly gardens and eternal bliss
Mine is to worship Him alone in tranquility and peace
How can they deny Your existence? I’m baffled
They have closed the door on You, they are befuddled

Thank you Allah for being there always and when needed the most
Grant us faith in You and make us not among those who boast
In all situations whether good or bad Grant us equanimity
You are Al-Khaaliq (The Creator) and I Submit to You in all humility

Comments about The Search

and the truth is within us... nice poem. God really exist no matter what science. thanks for sharing
Amazing... this is gooooooooooood....

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