The Search For God

My soul cries out from deep within;
All is chaos and chagrin
O Soul of mine in dark travail,
Why do these shadows here prevail?
O God, where are you? - help me now!
My transgressions dis-avow.
I long for peace and quietude,
No shadowed specters to intrude
Of past mistakes or errors wrought,
Or mem'ries of lost battles fought.
O God, my God, show me the way!
Help me now, I humbly pray! A sudden stillness now takes hold,
A cosmic interval unfolds.
O God, my God, you're in my heart!
A flaming Presence to impart!
I've found my answer here within;
My shining future to begin.
The oneness I now feel with Thee
Is mine for all eternity!

by Laurel Mae Matthews

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