The Search For God

I searched for you in every holy place,
looked for you in every holy text.
The power that has always been there,
but failed to find you anywhere.

I closed my eyes and listened to my heart,
asked myself as to where is god?
'You love me, why are you away then?
an 'inner voice' soon replied-

'I am there you see, i have always been,
I am the support on which you always lean.'
'Where GOD, where', I asked, growing insane,
'Who do you think are your parents then? '

Joana bluementhal.

by joana bluementhal

Comments (2)

Your poem is very telling. I have written my second book entiitled: Changes: From Spiritual Hopliness to Spiritual Hope: One Woman's Search for God. I enjoyed reading your poem. My first book is called: We Smoked Our Sister it is on Barnes and Nobles and Amazon.coml. If I could use you poem it my book that would give me great pleasure and compliment the message that is being sent. Carlotta Maria Shinn-Russell.
good thought, good poem...