The Search Of A Traveller

Wandered in the woods long and deep
None was there to care and peep
Lingered in solitude of mountains steep
Lacked the pat of the friendly quip

Flew in the sky far and wide
All alone in my fluttering stride
Stormed the temples in the finest ride
Only to meet with the ghastly side

Gasped for a shoulder to rest awhile
Steered was I with my guileless style
Grasped not little the freedom of the vile
Touched by the charms of the innocent smile

Wonder now loudly what is my way
Know not anything what to say
Where is my mentor to lift from my bay
Hold shall I tightly only to pray


Waver not in your mind lay where you stay
Follow your heart come what may
Learn to spread the beauty of gay
Lest not hear you shall only pay

Live life once with dash of innocence
Kindle your feelings with clear radiance
Extend all warmth with no nuisance
Love your friend of meaningful alliance

No other simpler way you shall find here
Rest all lead you only to bind mere
Accept this simple truth to transcend in tier
Love is the secret and power of the seer

by Padmaja Balaji

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