The Season Of Depletion

The season of depletion comes.
With the loss of those dancing sugar plums,
Fading innocence from the eyes of young children.

This Fall brings cutbacks on illusions.
Grumpy teachers prepare...
To receive fewer apples and more weapons,
From backpack wearing kids glaring in protest.

The season of depletion comes.
Gone are overpriced 'sneaks' and thigh riding skirts.
Jeans worn to expose undies...
With piercings everywhere to be seen.
Offensive tattoos shown on those cussing on school buses.
Parents fussing about the lack of quality,
As they try to contain a disgust.

And those given assigments,
To share their essays of Summer activities.
Read and express with topics such as these...
'My name is Bobby, yo...
And I spent my summer,
Learning how to steal and cheat! '

~Well done Bobby!
Now, Ms Smiley...
You are next!
Please share with us your essay...
'Dreams I Had While Under Anesthesia,
Having My Very First Abortion'~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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