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The Seasons Reminder
BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

The Seasons Reminder

Poem By Bob Gotti

The seasons are a reminder friend, that what begins will have an end.
It’s one more aspect of God’s design, that divides our world into time.
And friend that time is governed by, the greater light that’s in the sky.
When everyday the setting sun, says to a world, another day is done.

Then the lesser light begins to rise, above in the now darkened skies.
And then the moon begins to count, when that greater light goes out.
It counts for us a month of days, each using a different lunar phase.
Then as the sun begins to rise, the moon again, hides from our eyes.

Then there are the stars you see, scattered on the darkened canopy.
They appear throughout the night, filling the skies with a brilliant light.
Placed there by God’s own hand, for they’re interwoven into His plan,
May be there for many reasons, but we know they mark the seasons.

You can see within God’s Design, His finger upon the course of time.
Divine restrictions He put in place, to give life for all, a sensible pace.
Friend when the sun begins to set, God creates a time for all to rest.
Resting from those daily chores; to have a time alone with The Lord.

God can then refresh our hearts, and this before the next day starts.
Use the time to reflect on the end, where in Eternity you shall spend.
Where time like this will be no more, and we serve The Eternal Lord.
It’s there we will be truly blessed, when home in Eternity we can rest.

The sun and moon both will cease, as we enter into an eternal peace.
These weary times will cease to be, as together we enter into eternity.
The Eternity that we enter friend, unlike the present, will have no end.
As the final season of our lives, will be an eternal one in Jesus Christ.

(Copyright ©11/2005)

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