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The Second Madrigal
(1909 - 1984 / Warsaw)

The Second Madrigal

Poem By Anna Swirszczynska

A night of love
exquisite as a
concert from old Venice
played on exquisite instruments.
Healthy as a
buttock of a little angel.
Wise as an
Garish as air
blown into a trumpet.
Abundant as the reign
of a royal Negro couple
seated on two thrones
cast in gold.

A night of love with you,
a big baroque battle
and two victories.

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Comments (12)

I am really enjoyed this poem. Thanks for sharing this poem
Wonderful, superb naughtiness admissible in love expressed in an exquisite manner. Congrats on modern poem of the day and thanks for sharing it here.
'A night of love with you, a big baroque battle and two victories.' The poem begins as the declaration 'A night of love/ exquisite as' then continues with unique wonderful metaphors, the wonderful image of a 'concert from old Venice/ played on exquisite instruments', extends into the juxaposition of fresh unexpected contrasts, yet the last stanza proclaims the vastness of this love victory, as big as 'a big baroque battle' yet unlike battles to the death, this battle of love is a victory for both sides, both lovers. Wonderful images.
Interesting to read the words written here.....
Wow! What a wonderful poetic craftsmanship she has expressed. Truly a poem of passion. Thanks for sharing. x