Chances To Be With You

Wish I can expressed my feelings for you
It's so hard
I can't even say one word
I wish I can talk to you if you were one of my friends
I'm letting my past get control of me
I'm not doing it right
I keep making the same mistakes over and over
What is wrong with me?
Why I can believe in myself and be with someone else like you
I feel bad
I'm losing my chances to hold onto you
My heart is feeling so torn part
I hope you can be one to glue it back together and help me forget horrible past and guy
Maybe you could be guy get my confident and faith back
I can do it and I just need to press on
I can see in your eyes that you want me
I want to grab this chance with you
I hope is not too late
I need to go with ever happen, say to myself that I try, and I didn't back down
I like you so much
I hope you didn't move on yet
You like me for who I'm
Every day you are kind of surprising in a good way
I enjoy being around you
Chance to be with you

by Christina Phan

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Biting? Oh, yeah. By big chomps. Addicted? I'd say she was addicted to the same dark lover over and over again. Drawn to him, she pricks her finger on that self-same spindle time after time.