Whispers In The Dark

When the Midnight Spirit calls she whispers, when you hear her you'll scream! She looks forward to entering your nightmares and manipulating your dreams! She'll twist your mind with whispers of yesterdays past and future tomarrows that are mostly about you, Some nights you'll awake with feelings of happiness and your days may be filled with dejavu, While other nights you'll awake with feelings of fear, confusion, and an unexplained sarrow..There is no essence of time within your dreams, just your awakening upon the marrow! She'll wake you with a pounding heart, an inward gasp, and midnight chills leaving you to wonder if any of it was truly real! The Midnight Spirit lurks in the shadows of your mind, waiting for your sleep, not to worry it's not your soul she wants, but your mind she'll keep and your dreams she'll haunt! ! From your restless sleep she will depart, only after you hear her Whispers in the Dark! ! ! ~

by dejavu 4 you

Comments (3)

My favorite, you have a talent, this one is a profound piece that I really felt.
The poem is stirring, an eternal connection even after death.
Well Matt, you've left me speechless.