The Secret Of My Happiness

My heart has broken
It lays on the floor
What (do you say) happened
To make the sweet tears pour?

I'm not really sure how it all came about
It's been a part of my life for so long
This empty hole in my soul, in my heart
Started because I didn't belong

People can be so taunting
Why did they always stare?
I always felt it, the tension was so daunting
It came to the point where I didn't care

For the longest time the past haunted me
I evaluated each smile and laugh, the past screamed in my head
Even though I am finally free
Sometimes I still wake in a cold sweat

Nobody will understand the horrors I've been through
But it doesn't matter, because I know I am strong
Every sweet smile a breakthrough
Every voice raised in greeting a song

Every hug that I get destroys me
As the love begins to sink in
These walls are crumbling down, finally
I'm free let my journey begin

So stop asking me why I smile
Don't get mad at my optimistic views
For its the only thing that kept me alive when I felt suicidal
It's the only thing that led me to you

by Eden Sheffroth

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Personal, Confessional, Heart Wrenching, Soul Baring, All Together Great. Keep Up The Good Work, Eden, It's Wonderful.