The Secret Of Success

There was a boy named Khader,
For anything, he never used to bother,
Not even for his class timetable,
Except for his shining glass marble.

Khader played with Ram, Dikshit and Hari,
Seldom he displayed a sign of hurry.
Gently his fingers started the marble to roll,
Straight it moved and reached its goal.

Khader grew, trekked the world round and round,
Helpless was his marble, his miseries knew no bound,
He knew, it wasn’t too late to make amends,
Though, for help, knew not, whither his friends.

Khader worked hard, doing all and sundry labour,
Also morning, noon and evening, never stopped his prayer,
The secret of his success, others couldn’t trace,
It was, he knew out of his sincere efforts, time and Divine grace.

How many Khaders, could this world boast of?
Yes, as many marbles, as the earth could roll off?
Should this be a lesson to all the wise?
Nay, to only those, late from bed, after the sun rise!

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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