If I Knew For Sure

If I knew for sure I'd never see you again,
I would breathe but not be alive.
For all the air that would fill my lungs
would never have me thrive.

For to be left in this world without you
is a fate worse than death.
'Twould be better to find a resting place
and inhale my final breath.

No more eyes to shine for me
No more lips to smile
No more hands to be placed on me
Nothing left worthwhile.

If I knew for sure I'd never see you again
I would breathe but be cold as stone.
For the air that becomes warm from love
will have left me all alone.

by Edwina Reizer

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I would have to give this a whole lot more thought, that is, spend a lot more time on these ideas you've brought up here; but offhand I would think that we are the same as our thoughts on time, meaning: we ARE time - but I'm not sure. So, if we transcended time would we be the same us? Probably not and yet I like to have faith that it will be an improvement when and if we ever do. I've spent some time on this in the past but it seems fairly lost in time though, I feel, not altogether lost. Just a feeling. A feeling in time? In the present about the past? Nothing, to me, is more mysterious than time. Perhaps that's why I've got a bad memory.
A thought provoking piece
Varanasi, I suspect you and I share the same enlightenment about time. I would love to spend an hour (ha, there's a concept: the hour) , or so talking about our thoughts on time. Steve
but the reality is, Present continuous being One-tenth of a second, The past over and the future yet to dawn; True...and at the coming of dawn, past is determined from immaterial withdrawn...nice write, , ,10
'Kala Chakra' defined to its fullest length. Beautiful diction with clarity and cogency.
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