The Big Game It Is Over

The big game it is over the winners celebrate
The losers heavy hearted seem in a sorry state
Little consolation to them to be gallant in defeat
For them there is no fanfare no bands playing in the street
The big game it is over for the winners a big parade
They are on top of the World one can say they have it made
The losing fans feel shattered no laughter as they drink their beers
The pub more like a wake house some even close to tears
The big game it is over the biggest game of the year
And the Hometown of the winners echo to joy and cheer
The streets are thronged with people a carnival atmosphere
To celebrate the winners of the biggest game of the year
The big game it is over and the Football Stadium is dark and quiet
But there's music, song and dance and laughter in the winners Hometown tonight.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (2)

It reminds me of a line in a 'folk song' which includes the words 'As soon as this pub closes, the revolution starts'
I think this just sums us up perfectly. Secretly revolutionary. We obey the law in our own way, and subvert it to our use. That is why case law is so important.