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The Secret Valentine
MAR (March 11,1992 / Fremont, California)

The Secret Valentine

Poem By Marie Alexandra R. Ibarra

Cards with hearts, and chocolate so sweet,
Valentines Day with candy to eat,
Lots of treats and cards so dear,
But there was one thing that wasn’t clear.
There was one card that had no clue,
Gee! Who would they give it to?
It didn’t say, no one knew,
The card was so lovely,
My classmates said, it was so cute.
Someone said it wasn’t theirs,
Neither his nor even hers.
No one knew whose this was from,
So it came to be, that it was mine,
Then instead, I just kept it.
This Secret Valentine with no clue,
Thank you to…, but who was it… YOU?

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