The Seed Of Death

As he waved the wand of life they fell back beyond possibilities
Yet stood there standing upon disbeliefs & built-up dreams
There are many in this vivid outcast, warping waves of
Mutilating reality reason in non-existence
False prophets are sowing in grounds of ascetic sorcery
The dawn of their life has taken away eternal peace
As they lingered forth through the doors of imagination
Ancient guardians of time were awaiting their presence
The condemned grieve in judgment sent forth
By the peace keeper
Time shall annihilate from the grasp of all dreamers

For all those open to doubt arise forth & confront what is to be a recipient as an admiration for the dissipated devotion for peace.
The seed of death has sprouted as a result of distorted prosperity & the philosophy of the confused.
There is no gain leeway for the bargaining of liability in the judgment of all life, for we have reached the true end… one of no reversion.

by Thomas Wayne Foreman

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