The Seeds And The Pits

The seeds and the pits

Whenever I buy, eat a melon
-any kind
-I eat seeds to avoid further sins

The seeds are, as are pits
-the rights of animals, Mother Earth

I cannot throw them in trash
-do not like to mix them
-with killer plastic

I consume
I consume
I consume

"Hey tummy, intestines and the rest…"
-I demand
- "Do your best and use them as my food."

And I guess my health it
-thanks to this
-and support of
-the lamb
-and the goat
-and the cow
-to the pig
-and the birds

They praise what I do
And pray for my best
To avoid sin of waste
I see life in city as sinning

Had I been somewhere else
-I'd leave seeds on the ground
-birds and worms
-and other animals
-would come and take their share
-happiest would be the
-Mother Earth
-when seeing all are fed.

by Nassy Fesharaki

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