The Seeds Of Power

were sown before I was born
in another man’s field
from the window of my small hut
I watched his mansions grow
the servants bringing news of the secret lives there led
the dalliance of love without effort
romance on the deck of a sailing ship
rendezvous and midnight soirees
Grand Balls at the Governor’s Palace
polo with the Prince on his chestnut steed

I often wondered had I been granted
the reins of fortune
without the means to suffer indignity
would I attend the play
take the mallet
with a mighty swing chuck
the troubles of this world
galloping through life with only the thought
to finish the day in
winning colors?

(Previously published in Some Words: A Place for Poetry, Aug.2004)

by Laurence Overmire

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Thou seekest the reigns of fortune sire how many hearts have this desire and wondered if the treasures sought would keep their head from off the block.