The Self Servicing Of One's Own Interests

Living for the sole purpose,
To entertain the self servicing...
Of one's own interests.
To have never known what it takes,
How one feels to set aside those interests...
For a devoted sacrificing time to give,
To a family member or friend to experience.
Without depending on complaints...
When a choice to exchange,
A self contained entertaining interest ends.
Is to be commended.

Since very few who have done this to do,
Are respected or noticed for that which it is they give.
Especially without seeking to receive or get an attention.
Although there is a difference in maturity,
That either offends or is misunderstood...
By those who will never comprehend,
Why someone with a mind willing to take their time...
To be of service to another with few to witness,
Those blessings unseen that come to be bestowed...
Upon the one who gets to receive and knows this awarding.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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