Handgun, knife, axe,
weapons of any kind are lying there, anywhere.
You can take any of them.
Pick up any of them.

The burnt field the colour of soaprock scarlet -
you can go sidewise, go straight,
you're free to pick your way.
There's never been such an expanse.

Bathed in blood and alcohol,
the setting sun
sinks beyond
the naked horizon when,

damn, what's this!
Blocking my way, mushrooming
are nothing but phalluses.
Some even with an anchor tattooed on them.

by Mitsuharu Kaneko

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Comments (2)

The selling of threats and fear, Eventually depletes the pockets of those... Who believe themselves left in control. A good poem expressing concern on idiosyncrasies of the society.I ejoyed it Col Muhammad Khalid khan
Selling of threats and fear never works before truth although bring clumsiness in life. Nice realization and beautifully composed poem on fear topic.