Poem Hunter
The Semaphores Of God
(25 April 1854 – 3 November 1926 / Ontario)

The Semaphores Of God

I 've winged my way, by night and day,

And many a sea I 've crossed
In broad daylight or darksome night ;

I know I can't get lost.
My wings I try, and fearless fly,

On trackless pathways broad,
For every star in the sky afar

Is a semaphore of God.

The people say we find our way,

With instinct for a guide,
And through the dark, without a mark

Upon our pathway wide.


It is not so, for, as we go,
The planets smile and nod,

And every star in the sky afar
Is a semaphore of God.

With love He hath defined our path :

We cannot go astray,
And every light, by day or night,

Doth guide us on our way.
The planets shine, with eyes benign,

Like daisies in the sod ;
And every star in heaven afar

Is a semaphore of God.

In storms and calms, from pines to palms,

My way is ever plain ;
When summer shines, from palms to pines

I journey back again.
The Southern Cross, the Northern Bear,

Are signals bright and broad ;
Each star in air no matter where

Is a semaphore of God.

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